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CA NA and EU Merging, Any thoughts?

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Attention Soldiers,

We’ve got some exciting news for you: Combat Arms Europe and North America will join forces on Tuesday, 30th of June, to merge into one unified service. With this change, players in Europe, North America, and Oceania will be able to compete against each other via the new Combat Arms service.

We are very excited about this opportunity to bring together the best features of the European and North American services to unify and improve Combat Arms for its community. To celebrate this occasion, we will soon be announcing some great events we have lined up for you!

This new service will bring minimal changes to Combat Arms, but we strongly intend those to enhance your game experience. Combat Arms will be managed by Nexon Europe, and current and future European players will be able to log into the game with their Nexon Europe accounts.

Thank you in advance for your patience and support through this upcoming transitional period. We look forward to seeing you in Combat Arms!

Best regards,
Combat Arms Europe Team

  • As of 30th of June, Nexon Europe and Nexon America will merge forces to create a new, unified Combat Arms.
  • European and American players will now have the ability to compete against each other in Combat Arms.
  • Combining the European and North American services will streamline changes to the game to improve your player experience.

FAQ for European Users

When will the migration take place?
The unified Combat Arms service will launch on the 30th of June.
Afterwards, European and American users will be serviced by Nexon Europe.

After the migration, what changes will be made in terms of user experience?
The user experience will remain the same. There will be no changes in terms of how you access the game. The biggest change for you is that you will now compete with Combat Arms North America users.

Will the region limits for the servers change?
There will be 3 kinds of servers: Global, Europe and North America.
Global is open to everyone while Europe/North America are only open to their respective region.

Will I be able to keep my character name?
As a European user, your character name will not change.
If an American user has the same character name, an exclamation mark (!) will be added to their character name.

Will we be able to keep our clan name?
The situation here is similar to the character name situation.
The clan name of Combat Arms Europe users will not be changed.
If Combat Arms North America clan has the same clan name, an AT symbol (@) will be added to their clan name.

How can I interact with users from North America and Oceania?
You will interact with North American and Oceanian users the same way you've always interacted with Combat Arms Europe users.
This means that you can chat with them, exchange messages, and, most importantly, compete with them in the same game room!

Will there be any events after the migration?
To celebrate the migration, we are planning to launch events which Combat Arms North America and Europe users can enjoy together.
Details regarding these events will be announced soon.



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that's cool



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Why dafuq would I want a exclamation mark beside my name...
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whoa dude
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I love you -fOrEaL....... forever



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Very cool news , hope to see you soon Bryan ! :D



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RIP Eu montages

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I feel like OG players are going to come out of the SHADOWS. and start to play again . Looking forward to it.


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R1p eu montages


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This is probably the best idea I've seen Nexon come up with in a long time. The CA revival that's so desperately needed has finally come?



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Rip my IGN, I made an account with the same ign on EU.

But I love this change :) QR is so alive in EU, it'll deff be awesome! (The range there is awful though)



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CaEU players will finally know the reference to the towel. I have one each time I play in case I am sweaty.
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Besides the ping problem and the different time zones, this seems like a good idea.

View PostChriss, on 27 May 2015 - 12:31 PM, said:

RIP Eu montages

I think you'll understand very soon how mistaken you are.
If anything, the opposite is true ;).



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View PostPioneer-, on 27 May 2015 - 01:45 PM, said:

Besides the ping problem and the different time zones, this seems like a good idea.

I think you'll understand very soon how mistaken you are.
If anything, the opposite is true ;).

Time to make a come back and prove once again that NA > EU. :)



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Wow that's a big change. I wonder if it CA NA will still exist for ONLY NA players. The only thing that ticks me off is that if our ign is being used by EU players, it will have the "!" mark next to it, and clans will have the "@" sign. Also I'll bet the lag will be emience. For example Stiff your new name will be
-StiffNinja-! and your clan TheFinalProject@
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This is going to be like league twitch chat, NA>EU. Posted Image


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damn its still ca who cares



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So if someone in Europe copied someone from na's ign or clan , the na person or clan looks like the fanboy ? xD lol I think both sides have things to learn from eachother tbh. N.a. people could use some new nades Europe needs better zombies. I hope the "!" Or "@" is only in global not regional. I also just hope the ping and range isn't too crazy who knows, maybe even fix the Two towers lag? xD
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Wow thats awesome .



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That's great that they're merging but what about ping? they didn't cover that, are we still going to be connected to the Nexon corp. in California or the Nexon corp. in EU? Like how does it work lmfao?

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